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    Kas Al Zahra has been at your service for almost a decade with products from world leaders such as:

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    As we believe in providing complete support to our valuable customers we have set up a calibration Laboratory in Muscat, Oman This
    ISO 9001:2008 certified centre is authorised by several of the above principals and consequently also falls under the umbrella of their respective ISO certifications. We periodically undergo an audit by these principals to verify conformity to their standards and high level of quality.

    To fully support the equipment supplied, the Technical Center can calibrate most Electrical, Temperature and Pressure Test Equipment.

    The temperature and humidity controlled laboratory is based around an automated Fluke Calibration Systems consisting of:

    • Fluke 5520A Multiproduct Calibrator with oscilloscope and power quality options.
    • Fluke 5700A Precision Calibrator
    • Fluke 8842A 51/2 digit Multimeter
    • Biddle Decade Resistance Box

    The entire system works with Metrology Software designed to support ISO 9000 requirements as well as MIL ­ STD 45662A requirements. Each year the main calibration standards are shipped to the Netherlands for annual re-calibration maintaining traceability and reverse traceability to the Dutch NKO standards.

    In addition to the above we have recently augmented our capabilities by adding a comprehensive range of Temperature and Pressure calibration solutions :

    • Hart Scientific Precision Platinum Resistance Sensors
    • Hart Scientific Standard S type Thermocouple
    • Hart Scientific Precision 4 channel thermometer
    • Hart Scientific Dual Temperature Block
    • Hart Scientific High Temperature Furnace
    • Druck-SI Pressure 9260 Dead Weight Tester up to 700 bar.
    • Druck-SI Pressure Pneumatic Pressure Calibration Kit

    In general the Haris Technical Center can calibrate much of the range of Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) that we supply such as:

    • Handheld and bench Multimeters (analog and digital) up to 6 1/2 digits
    • Thermocouple and RTD thermometers
    • Digital thermometers
    • Process calibrators
    • Data loggers
    • Strip and chart recorders
    • Watt meters
    • Power harmonics analyzers
    • Current clamps and clamp meters
    • Analog or digital handheld and bench oscilloscopes
    • Panel meters
    • Graphical multimeters
    • Power meters, disturbance analyzers, power quality monitors, recorders and other power quality related equipment
    • Insulation Testers, Earth Testers
    • Milli-Ohmmeters
    • Pressure Measuring Instruments

    A list of Instruments we can calibrate is available upon request.  

    Any products that we cannot calibrate in house can be shipped back to calibration labs in Europe that we have relationships with. The Service centre is authorised to service and repair both Fluke and Megger instruments. Any items that can't be repaired locally can be shipped at a minimal cost to the manufacturer for repairs.

    The above is only a brief description of our capabilities. Please feel free to visit us for a demonstration or further details on our operations and quality systems.

    Repair Services

    Our Technical Centers are both certified Fluke and Megger Service centres and authorised by these suppliers to provide front-line repair and calibration facilities to their product lines.

    Anything that cannot be repaired locally can, of course, be sent back to the respective supplier's comprehensive facilities in Europe or the US.


    The Technical Center arranges periodic courses on specialist subjects such as:

    These courses are usually run over a one week period at a suitable venue in Muscat, Sohar or Salalah. They can also be arranged on-site for bigger clients with a larger student load.

    Product Demonstrations

    We carry a substantial number of the latest high-end products with us for demonstration purposes. Our trained technicians can visit you with the product and demonstrate these items at your site with your equipment.

    Additionally, our suppliers periodically ship out new models, or the very expensive high-end products on a loan basis to us, to demonstrate on-site to our customers.

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    Covering the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait